Save $10 per month for 8 months.
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TeraPup 300

$65 / month (without promotion)

Get the most bang out of your buck. Stream ten 4k movies at once. Run games, movies, Zoom meetings, and more all at the same time.

300Mbps download.
Save $30+ every month compared to cable.
Up to 20x faster uploads than cable internet.

GigaPup 150

$55 / month (without promotion)

Easily keep up with all the basics: Movies, TV, Gaming, Conference Video, Cameras. Enough speed for your whole home and everyone in it.

150Mbps download.
Save $40+ every month compared to cable.
Up to 10x faster uploads than cable internet.

MegaPup 50

$45 / month (without promotion)

Enough speed to stream a 4k movie while being small enough to fit in any budget.

50Mbps download.
Save $50+ every month compared to cable.
The best basic plan around.

Additional internet plans.
Available in most areas.

WiFi Premium

Sufficient for families who want to stream multiple movies at a time.

20Mbps download.
Stream four movies at a time.
Larger availability than RevFiber.

Wi-Fi Select

Simple and elegant. Useful for small families.

10Mbps download.
Ideal for low demand homes.
Larger availability than RevFiber.

Which plan fits you the best?

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Cloud Sync
TeraPup 300
Download speed up to
MegaPup 50
Time to download a 2.5 hour movie
(1080p, 6Mbps encoding)
300 megabits per second
7.5 minutes
45 minutes
50 megabits per second
3.1 minutes
14.4 minutes
Connection reliability
Time to download a 2.5 hour movie
(4kp, 15Mbps encoding)
Time to download a 10GB game
4.4 minutes
26.7 minutes
99.995% full speeds
99.995% full speeds
How can I lower my bill?
Echo Broadband always has some sort of referral program where you can discount your monthly bill by $10 or more per referral. Contact us to find out more!
Is Echo Broadband reliable? 
Yes! At least we do our best to maximize service up-time. Like any provider, there are many challenges to maintaining near-perfect reliability, but we do our best to mitigate those issues.
Are there any strings attached?
Our service is free of contracts, taxes, or other hidden fees. Say goodbye to data caps, overage costs, and regular price hikes!
Do I need a modem with my service? 
No modems required. All you need is a reliable, dual-band, wireless router and the rest is history.
How does billing work?
Our plans are month-to-month and simply require a debit or credit card. Payments are automatic and bill at the start of your billing period.
Will you share my private information?
Echo Broadband believes in privacy and safety. We will not sell or disclose any information on your account unless otherwise required by law.

We earn our business.

Adrienne Hale
Echo has provided the best internet service and customer service, I have ever experienced. From set-up, to maintenance and repair, they have provided exceptional service. They are always there to answer my calls, are extremely quick in responding to my emails, and make same day house calls when necessary. They truly go above and beyond any other provider has given me. Thank you for being so awesome!!
Adrienne Hale
Casey Stinnett
They are very kind and helpful. Every time we call in, they know exactly how to help and don't waste time taking care of us. They warn us in advance of scenarios that might happen so that we are prepared and they are very thoughtful in how they handle our calls. Also, their internet has never let us down, they didn't charge us more randomly, and the speed is exactly what we paid for. Thanks, Echo Broadband!
Casey Stinnett
Chris Taylor
Switched from cable internet after I got tired of having to sign up for more services to keep a reasonable price. I have loved Echo broadband. My speeds are more than adequate and I haven't had any interruption in service in the 5 months I've been with them. It's so nice to have a company that I actually enjoy doing business with.
Chris Taylor
Cydnie Langdon
Best internet provider around. Have had for almost a year, no problems. No surprises on my bills, always the same low price and great service. Great customer service, helpful and friendly even when the issue is your own stupidity. A great local business.
Cydnie Langdon
Richard Mellor
Echo is clutch. I've had them for about 4 years now and have nothing but positive things to say. I had an issue with my internet not working this morning, so I called in to the local office for support... [...] We couldn't get it and they determined a service call was needed. It was 10am. They apologized that the soonest they could come out was 2pm THAT SAME DAY. Same day service, baby. [...] No charge. Try getting a same-day service call for no charge from any other provider on earth. They really are that good.
Richard Mellor
Art Wittmann
Echo did what Comcast and Centurylink couldn’t. They provided us with reliable, fast internet service at a reasonable price. Our installer was great. He talked through options for bringing service into our house and hung out while we got our own mesh WiFi working with the service.
Art Wittmann
Mike Blom
I have to admit, echo broadband is amazing. They excel at making their customers feel like the most important part of the business. Matt has several times been on the phone with me to help me get situated and rolling, and he always takes the time to educate me on what is happening and why. This is not because their stuff wasn't working, but because my home setup is a little different than standard users, and I needed a little extra boost to get rolling. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Echo Broadband!!!
Mike Blom
Maureen Clark
Love how much money we save with them. Sad to be moving and leaving their great service. Customer service is great, they call you back promptly and really seem to care, a rarity for most of the other company's options.
Maureen Clark
Kyle Fujikawa
Echo Broadbands customer service is 5 Stars, Carson is the best. The dude responded to me at 9pm from his house. Unmatched in customer support. I greatly appreciate echo and all they have done for me. Thank you Matt and the rest of the guys for solving my issue after Century link wrecked my connection.
Kyle Fujikawa